GSoC – Final report

The Google Summer of Code is almost over and I want to give you a quick update on what has been done in the last months.

You can have a look on how the integration of the Nextcloud client looks like in Nautilus in the following video. As GNOME will drop the support for status icons on the near future this will be the way for sync clients to give the user a way to access their functionally in the context of the synced folder.

On the Nextcloud side I have implemented a proof of concept API for account registration right from within the client. That way even new users who don’t have a clue about how Nextcloud is working can easily pick a provider to host their data and setup an account there. They don’t need to care about entering a server url.

I’m currently still at the Nextcloud Conference in Berlin, where some discussion on how the client patches will be used is still going on.

Although I had planned some more features to be implemented on the Nextcloud client, the library for cloud providers and especially getting a good understanding of DBus and gdbus required more time than I initially thought. But we now have a solid basis to offer a desktop independent API that can easily integrated by both, desktop environments and cloud providers clients.

I really enjoyed working together with two great open source projects that are both backed by an awesome community with a lot of really great people. I also want to thank Carlos Soriano, my GNOME mentor as well as Roeland Douma, my Nextcloud mentor for guiding me through the project.

If you are interested in the code that has been produced, you can find it here:

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